There are 3 ways for members to book a rink:      
Email Bookings Send a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ring 07434 652166.
On-the-Day Bookings Ring Duty Steward during opening hours on 07396 571286.
Turn Up and Book Take a chance and just turn up at the Pavilion. 
Payments for Sports Members & Guests
There is a £5.00 fee for Sports members and guests to bowl. Please pay the Duty Steward.

As we move to our SUMMER hours schedule, starting on Tuesday, 29 March 2022, we are open for bowling from 10:30-18:30 on Tuesday-Friday. On these days the bowling session times are:

  Session 1 10:30-12:30  
  Session 2 12:30-14:30  
  Session 3 14:30-16:30  
  Session 4 16:30-18:30  

A link to the rink availability sheets can be found on the Home Page of our website

Regular roll ups and fun matches are being organised each week. During the summer, these are on:

     Day  Arrival Time  Start Bowling   
     *Tuesday 10:45 11:00  
     *Thursday 13:45 14:00  
     *Friday 12:15 12:30  
     *Saturday 10:15 10:30  
     *Sunday 10:15 10:30  


Great progress has been made on the friendly match programme for 2022 with several matches, both home and away, already arranged. Click HERE for details of the current programme. It is hoped that all members playing in these matches will wear a Club shirt.

Caroline Cahill organised a very successful Knockout Competition on Friday, 29 April 2022. As the 32 members who were taking part arrived and learnt who they were playing with and against the tension began to build. Some had their eyes on the winning plaques and medals from the start so the feeling of fierce (but friendly!!) competition began to build.

Several supporters came along as well to encourage the teams and cheer the bowlers as the day progressed. Everyone there was able to enjoy a selection of delicious refreshments to keep them going throughout the day.

After some very close matches the overall winners were Mike Eaton & Mike Richardson and Tony Glover & Neil Lane were the runners up.

The Plate competition for those who didn't win their first game was won by Alan Dickinson & Steve Irons and the runners up were Tom Costello & Dick Parsons.

David Charleton, who flew in from Florida, presented the plaques and medals to the winners.

Photos that capture many of the memorable moments can be viewed HERE.

World Bowls has created a document that describes all the Laws of the Sport of Bowls that can be viewed HERE. A second document with the latest revisions can be viewed HERE.

Club Shirts for Friendly Matches
We have recently decided to adopt a Royal Blue shirt (JC040 Cool polo) with our logo as our Club shirt for friendly matches. These can be obtained from: 

Unit 7, Hillside Industrial Estate
London Road, Horndean, PO8 0BL

Telephone:02392 595124

Price: Approximately £18, depending on size and gender.

Before ordering please check their website for sizes or phone them for advice.

* * * * * * * * * * *

FREE COACHING for members!!

To request coaching please send an email to Michael Trippick 
(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or ring him on 07500706717
Please include your


when you would like to attend a coaching session so you can agree a mutually convenient time.

Please give as much notice as possible.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Plans for the Future
The cut-off for registering teams to play in the Portsmouth & District leagues is 1st October each year. Members who attended the AGM on Wednesday, 29 September 2021 were asked if they wanted to join the P&D League for the 2022 season. Nobody wanted to join so we will ask again during Summer 2022 with a view to joining for the 2023 season. 

Our Club is already affiliated to Bowls England and Bowls Hampshire and a pool of qualified coaches are available for those who wish to develop their skills.

Within the Management Team we also have several colleagues who have attended coaching courses and some who have experience of playing in leagues. They are very happy to assist new players.

Finally, one suggestion that has been made already is maybe once a year we organise a Bowls trip to play a friendly series at another club in a different part of the Country. This normally takes the form of a weekend stay and evening party at somewhere like say Devon or Cornwall.

Again, all ideas and suggestions welcome.